Our Doctor-Nurse teams work with women to educate and empower them to make the best health decisions possible.
Our Doctor-Nurse teams work with women to educate and empower them to make the best health decisions possible.
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Veterans and medicine: a winning combination

Becoming a physician requires many things: determination, attention to detail, a strong work ethic and intelligence, just to name a few. Fortunately, all of our physicians at Women’s Health Specialists have all of these traits, but there are two people we’d like to highlight in honor of Veterans Day who bring a few extra traits […]

Gestational Diabetes Test and Treatment

“Between 24 and 28 weeks of your pregnancy you’ll be tested for gestational diabetes, which is a high blood sugar condition that a woman might develop during pregnancy,” says Dr. Tina Ramsey, an OB/GYN physician with Women’s Health Specialists.  “Although, if you’re considered high risk for the condition you may be tested at one of […]

A Look At The Dads In The Delivery Room

As an OB/GYN practice in the Fox Valley, we focus so heavily on women’s care topics and pregnancies, so with Father’s Day coming up we thought it’d be fun to take a look at the other person who is frequently in the delivery room – the father.  “I know exactly how nervous those dads are […]

Patient Privacy Services

Our pledge to protect your privacy Women’s Health Specialists values and is committed to protecting the privacy of health information we create or receive about you. Health information that identifies you (“protected health information,” or “health information”) includes your medical record and other information relating to your care or payment for care.

New Year, New Tech

Women’s Health Specialists Upgrades Ultrasound Machines Incorporating the latest technology into our women’s care clinic is key for our physicians to provide the best care in the Fox Valley area.  With that in mind, Women’s Health Specialists recently invested in new ultrasound machines. “These machines are state of the art in ultrasound technology,” says Ultrasound […]

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Pregnancy can be overwhelming for women, especially for first time moms.  A baby shower is a great way to help the mom-to-be feel more prepared to welcome her little one home – and the love and support from guests goes a long way!  We’ve asked staff and nurses around the Women’s Health Specialists office what they […]

10 Tips For Breastfeeding And Returning To Work

“If you’re going back to work after having your baby and are breastfeeding, you’ll want to set yourself up for success to continue breastfeeding as long as you choose, and this starts  by preparing much sooner than when you actually return,” says Dr. Pfaffenbach.  “Below are professional tips, as well as some advice from my personal experience from […]

Four Good Reasons to Pay Your Bill Online

When we recently updated our website, we added an option for our patients to pay their bills online. It has gotten great response and we are pleased to be able to offer this convenient option for patients to settle their accounts. If you haven’t yet used our Online Bill Pay feature, consider trying it out. […]

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