Jeana-web-smThe big question for me is why people who want a baby so badly can’t, when everyone around them seems to be getting pregnant?

When a couple calls the Family Fertility Program, they want to know what their chances are of getting pregnant quickly. If people had concrete answers they’d feel better. But sometimes we don’t know why a couple is struggling with infertility. Sometimes it is a matter of timing. Sometimes it’s a matter of making healthy life choices. Sometimes it is one person who wants to be pregnant, but doesn’t have the support of their partner and that can be stressful.

When I’m giving advice I try to do what I would want done for me. Sometimes a couple will come in and cry; then I cry with them. But I hope they leave feeling encouraged knowing that there’s always something we can try. It is never the end of the road.

I got a beautiful letter this week from one of our patients.

“I want to tell you how grateful and thankful I am for your help getting us pregnant. It sure has been a long process, but WE (u guys too) finally did it and I AM PREGNANT! Gosh, I am soooo excited and happy! I was starting to give up hope and wonder why I was so different. Thank you for the pep talk and also staying past your shift for the “confirmed” news [regarding my pregnancy]. I truly can’t thank you enough!” — C.H.

It makes me so happy to know that this couple had options and gained control in a situation where they felt out of control!

Jeana, RN-C
Family Fertility Program