ThedaCare Obstetrics Message Board Features Dr. Honkamp

Neenah OBGYN HonkampThe ThedaCare facilities have been undergoing changes, including the personalized message boards (pictured) that highlight patient experiences.  The board in the Obstetrics wing of ThedaCare Regional Medical Center – Appleton shares the story of our patient Andrea and the surprises she encountered along the way.  To rewind a little bit, Andrea visited Dr. Honkamp at Women’s Health Specialists for her first prenatal appointment, where she received a huge surprise – her family was about to welcome not one, but two more babies. “Dr. Honkamp was so reassuring and compassionate, and really a great source of support, especially toward the end when I needed it most,” says Andrea.

Below is the rest of Andrea’s story as she shared with ThedaCare:

IMG_1071“The first surprise was that the baby was actually babies.  Twins.  My first thought was, well, let’s just say I panicked a little.  So did my husband.  When you’re expecting a child, and then you find out there’s two, it changes everything.  Everything gets a little more complicated.  But my doctor [Dr. Honkamp] was very reassuring through every complication we encountered.

She walked us through every change, all the ultrasounds, everything.  And it was an unbelievable birth experience.  Two perfect little girls, delivered exactly the way I wanted them to be.  That included Surprise Number Two:  One of them was a breech delivery, but that turned out well, too.  The babies were pretty small, so when I got discharged from the hospital, we got Surprise Number Three:  The twins had failed the ‘car seat test,’ so they couldn’t go home with us.

The nurses were great, though.  They called me later to let me know that all was well, and they even sent me photos.  The people from ThedaCare exceeded every expectation.  But that part was not a surprise.”