dr. acosta women's health specialistsAs 2017 will undoubtedly be a year of new beginnings and positivity, it also marks the time that we announce the retirement of Dr. Ernesto Acosta.  He has been a familiar, kind and knowledgeable asset not only to the Women’s Health Specialists practice, but to the Fox Valley community as well.  His expertise and balanced approach will be missed by co-workers and patients.  Below is an excerpt from his retirement letter that was mailed to recent patients:

“After a very fulfilling 35 years with Women’s Health Specialists, I am announcing my retirement.  I have recently had bypass surgery and have decided to devote my time to my recovery.  I started my OB/GYN practice in the Fox Cities in July of 1982 and I cherish the time I have spent with my patients and professional colleagues.  I am so thankful to my patients for entrusting their care to me during this time, something I consider to be both an honor and a privilege.

I encourage my patients to select a new physician within the Women’s Health Specialists team, as I have been fortunate to have incredibly skilled OB/GYN physicians as partners and have taken measures to ensure a smooth transition to any one of them.”

Dr. Acosta served as a mentor to several physicians that would join Women’s Health Specialists during his time here, helping them become familiar with processes and advocating the patient centered care that Women’s Health Specialists strives to achieve.

“I joined Women’s Health Specialists right out of residency, and Dr. Acosta was someone that had been here for 10 years,” recalls Dr. Jeffery Cherney, physician with Women’s Health Specialists.  “He was someone that I could turn to with questions and shared similar views with when it came to patient care.  He’s been a very hardworking physician, and I hope he spends plenty of time with his family and doing things for himself during his retirement.”

As a fun tribute to Dr. Acosta, we’ve gathered stories from those who have known him over the years.  He will absolutely be missed at Women’s Health Specialists, and we wish him the best during this next chapter in his life.

dr. acosta obgynDr. Acosta’s patient Crystal shares:

“Dr. Acosta delivered me in 1986, and later my younger sister.  When I was 16, it was an easy choice to start seeing him for my well woman exams; and I found that he always listened to my concerns, made me feel comfortable with his sense of humor and was straightforward with my care.  Then in 2014 when I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited that he would be delivering my baby – how remarkable that the same doctor that delivered me would also deliver my little one!  Having had him as my OB/GYN for almost 15 years already, I also felt fortunate to have a physician that I truly trusted as I transitioned into motherhood and really appreciated the consistency in care I had received.

My mom also felt I was in great hands during my pregnancy, knowing firsthand the incredible care Dr. Acosta provided.  We feel like we have such a special bond, having gone through one of the biggest moments in our lives, 29 years apart, with the same doctor by our side.  I’m sad he won’t be able to deliver my second when the time comes, as he’s the only OB/GYN I’ve ever had, but am grateful for having him as long as I did.”

Dr. Acosta’s nurse Molly shares:

“When we first moved to the Fox Valley over 10 years ago and were meeting people they would ask what I did.  I would share that I worked for Women’s Health Specialists as Dr. Acosta’s nurse, and so often the response was, “Oh he’s my doctor” or “He delivered my kids” that you’d think he delivered half the babies in the Fox Valley!  As an OB/GYN he was so level headed and hardworking, two things that really made patients feel calm and confident in his care.”

ThedaCare Labor and Delivery nurse Kristin shares:

“I worked with Dr. Acosta for 19 ½ years in Labor and Delivery.  Being a girl that loves fashion, I always appreciated Dr. Acosta’s sense of style.  Some of the waves of fashion that come to mind include his alligator shoes, his man purse, his fur coat, his bow tie phase and his suspenders.  But no matter what the phase, he always rocked it! And, he always had THE best ties.”

ThedaCare Labor and Delivery nurse Adrienne shares:

“I worked with Dr. Acosta for 17 years in Labor and Delivery, and from early on I learned that he was a physician that was the perfect mix of having a low intervention, hands-off approach to each of his laboring patients  and of using interventions (C-sections, etc.) when needed.  That nice middle ground approach is also the reason I chose him for my OB/GYN for my pregnancies and deliveries.  He was patient with the labor process and honored his patients’ desires as long as it kept both mom and baby safe.  He was never “quick to cut” and when that decision was made, everyone (nurse, patient, family) was in agreement with his decision.”