IMG_0886 LoResBuilding long-lasting relationships with patients is a top priority for each of the physicians at Women’s Health Specialists, and our doctor-nurse teams play a big role in fulfilling that priority.  “One of the best parts of being an OB/GYN physician in the Fox Valley is that we get the opportunity to work with patients from their teenage years, through their childbearing years and into menopause and more,” says Dr. Elina Pfaffenbach.  “We want to truly be their advocate through every stage of life, and part of that is providing them with a consistent, caring support system.”

Women’s Health Specialists implemented the care model of doctor-nurse teams over 25 years ago and is the only OB/GYN practice in the Fox Valley to offer that level of patient centered care.  “It really puts your mind at ease when you’re talking to the same nurse and the same physician every time you call in,” comments Heather, one of Dr. Pfaffenbach’s patients.  “I called in quite often during my first pregnancy, and it was so nice to talk with the same care team each time.  I didn’t have to repeat everything to different people or explain any circumstances because they knew who I was, they knew my story and they were very caring and reassuring.  And even now after I’ve had kids they’re still my go-to people when it comes to my women’s health needs.”

“I love the efficiency and effective communication with our patients that the doctor-nurse team model allows,” says Jan, Dr. Pfaffenbach’s nurse.  “And I’m actually able to build a strong relationship with our patients, too, which makes my job that much more rewarding.”

“We’ve worked together for over 10 years now and are always finishing each other’s sentences,” chuckles Dr. Pfaffenbach.  “We have a great mutual respect for one another and are truly a team, working together with each patient to help them with whatever they’re going through.”

As the award winning OB/GYN practice approaches their 50th anniversary, it’s safe to say this is a model of care that works extremely well for both the women of the Fox Valley and the physicians and nurses at Women’s Health Specialists.  Schedule an appointment with Women’s Health Specialists by calling 920-749-4000 for the Appleton office or 920-729-2510 for the Neenah office.