by Dr. Jeffery Cherney

As a dad, it can be intimidating and overwhelming seeing your little girl grow up into a young woman. Families today look different than they used to and whether mom is able to help your daughter through these changes or not, you should be prepared to help her navigate life as her dad.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for those nerve-racking questions when the time comes.


The average age when a girl begins going through puberty is between 9 and 12. The first sign of puberty starting is when her breast buds start to develop. As she is seeing herself differently, possibly with acne and body weight, always remember to give her positive affirmations that she is beautiful no matter what.

Her first period

We know this is uncomfortable for you, but it’s just as uncomfortable for her as she is going through this change and doesn’t understand what is going on. Stay calm and be prepared. You knew this day was coming so talk to your daughter before it happens. We recommend having some feminine products stored away for when she needs it. Explain to her that this is normal and something every woman goes through once a month. I used a book to help have this discussion with my daughter.

Birth Control and Sex

This is likely a topic you never wanted to think about concerning your baby girl, but remember that birth control options are very important and you want your daughter to be making an educated decision for her body. Birth control can be a way to help manage severe menstrual cramps too, so don’t be afraid of the subject. This is a great opportunity to talk to her about how a man should treat her and respect her decisions. We recommend having the “sex talk” around the same time she starts showing signs of puberty. You want your daughter to know that she can come to you about anything and have an open conversation. Remember that abstinence is the most effect birth control and the best protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Help her schedule an appointment with us.

We want to help both of you navigate through this time of change. We love helping young women understand their bodies so they are able to make the best choices for their health, in fact, it’s our passion! Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you have. To set up an appointment with one of our providers, call us at 920-749-4000 today.