By: Connie Masak, APNP

April marks STD Awareness Month, a crucial time to bring attention to the significant impact of sexually transmitted diseases and infections on our communities. There are approximately 20 million new STD cases in the US each year, with an estimated total of 110 million existing STIs among Americans. It’s important to note that half of all new STI cases are diagnosed between the ages of 15-24, yet only 12% of young people report having been tested for STIs in the past year.

STD Awareness Month serves as a reminder of the critical importance of STD testing. While engaging in sexual activity is often a personal choice, so is prioritizing our health and well-being. Saying “yes” to sex should also mean saying “yes” to getting tested for STDs. Early detection is key to managing STDs and preventing long-term health consequences.

We encourage individuals to take advantage of the resources available during STD Awareness Month to learn more about testing, prevention, and treatment options. Together, we can work towards reducing the prevalence of STDs in our communities and improving overall sexual health outcomes.

As we observe STD Awareness Month, we encourage everyone to take proactive steps toward prioritizing their sexual health. If you have concerns about STDs or are due for testing, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Women’s Health Specialists. Our compassionate and knowledgeable providers can offer guidance, support, and testing options to help ensure your sexual health and well-being. Don’t wait – take charge of your health today. Schedule your appointment today! Schedule on our website or call us at (920) 749-4000.