By Dr. Cherney

While summer is full of fun activities with family, expectant moms should be aware of some activities that are “off limits” or rather should be enjoyed from the sidelines instead.

Staying active during pregnancy is important, but every pregnancy is different. Consult your Women’s Health Specialists physician to make sure the summer activity you want to do is safe.

Summer Don’ts:

Here is a list below of discouraged summer activities for pregnant moms. These activities pose potential risks such as placenta abruption, which is premature separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus cutting off oxygen and nutrients from your growing baby, miscarriage or birth defects.

Amusement park rides: Waterslides and rollercoasters can be dangerous because the forceful landings and sudden drops could harm the baby.

Contact sports: Sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and other contact sports should be avoided because of the high risk of injury, both to you and the baby.

Horseback riding: While a low-impact, calm ride on a horse might sound harmless, there is still a significant risk of falling off of the horse, which could injure you and the baby. Instead, stick with petting the horses with your kids or enjoying them from a distance.

Hot tubs and saunas: While hot tubs and saunas might be a source of relaxation for you, during the first trimester hot temperatures can cause overheating to your baby which has been linked to birth defects. It is good to avoid extreme heat throughout pregnancy.

Fast boating: Boating at high speeds or tubing behind a boat could cause harm to you and your baby from sudden drops.

Heavy lifting: Be sure to examine every opportunity while keeping your growing baby in mind. Lifting heavy objects, even if they are moderately heavy, should be avoided.

Summer Do’s

Now that we have gone over a few discouraged activities, let’s talk about a few approved, even encouraged summer activities:

Slow boating: A casual cruise around the lake is perfectly safe for pregnant mothers.

Walking: Going for a walk is a great form of exercise for pregnant mothers and is low impact, making it easier on joints and muscles. Plus, it gives a boost of endorphins to keep you feeling great throughout pregnancy.

Swimming: Swimming and water workouts are a great summer activity and form of exercise too. Since water supports your weight, you are less likely to become injured. It can help take some of the pressure off of some of your aches and pains as well.

Stationary bicycling: Standard bicycling during pregnancy is not encouraged because of the risk of falling off or getting into an accident. However, stationary bicycling is a much better choice because it provides more balance.

Yoga and Pilates: If you’re looking for an activity to do outside while your kids are playing, try prenatal yoga or pilates. When done outside, you can get some fresh air, spend time with your kids and enjoy some needed relaxation.

For additional do’s and don’ts, please see our healthy pregnancy guide.

If you find yourself feeling like you’re missing out on the fun this summer because you are pregnant, just remember, this is only a temporary stage of life and it goes by quickly. If you are curious about a summer activity and want to talk to an expert, call us at (920) 749-4000 today.