secondary infertility appleton wi

Something that not many women talk about, but plenty experience, is secondary infertility.  This occurs when a couple has successfully had at least one child and then faces difficulty conceiving again.  “It’s really a fairly common experience for couples to be trying for that second or third child for six months to a year,” says Women’s Health Specialists’ infertility nurse, Renee Barany.  “You can tell that many of the couples who come in and are experiencing this have kept their struggle to themselves.  I tell them it’s okay to feel frustrated or upset; they have their heart set on another child and have a hard time feeling complete until that happens.”

Renee says that contacting your OB/GYN doctor around the sixth month of trying to conceive is a proactive step, although depending on various factors your doctor may not feel the need to have you meet with the Family Fertility team in Appleton until the one year mark.  “Your OB/GYN may want tests ran on both partners to evaluate any factors that may be affecting your ability to conceive,” commented Renee.  The Family Fertility team considers potential hormonal issues, maternal age and lifestyle; for instance, if a woman is currently breastfeeding that can affect her ability to ovulate.  The male would have a semen analysis completed and lifestyle changes evaluated as well.

“I tell couples facing secondary infertility that they’re not alone, and that we’re here to listen to them,” notes Renee.  “Our team truly wants to help these couples get pregnant as badly as they want to conceive.”