pregnancy ultrasoundsWe strive to provide the best patient centered care, and our latest step toward doing that is offering our pregnant patients a complimentary USB flash drive with their digital ultrasound images on them.  “We’re really excited to be doing this for our patients,” says Ultrasound Technologist, Sarah.  “It’s a more versatile keepsake for such a special moment in a woman’s life.  The ultrasound images have a much better quality printed on photo paper and won’t fade as easily as they would on the thermal imaging paper.”

Women’s Health Specialists’ patients will be able to print as many images as they want, email them to family and friends or share them on social media sites from the flash drive.  “Another perk of the flash drives is that they’re so portable,” commented Sarah.  “They’re about the size of a business card and can fit right into a wallet, which makes it so convenient for patients to bring them back and have additional images added at appointments.”