Nichole R's Baby“Dr. Meyer and her team have been with my husband and I on our journey to pregnancy and birth since 2019.⁠

In 2019, she had found atypical cells in my cervix that we treated with IUD placement for one year. After the IUD came out it took us two months before becoming pregnant.⁠

At week 13, I suffered a hemorrhage, but made it to week 17 and was diagnosed with GD. At week 20 we found my cervix was shortening and funneling therefore an emergency cerclage was placed. The cerclage let go on one side and I had cerclage #2 placed on week 23.⁠

Week 24 and 26, I had emergency rounds of steroids and magnesium for the baby’s development. Week 31 my water broke and despite another round of magnesium, it was go time! ⁠

Despite all of these challenges, Dr. Meyer and her team kept me so positive and really felt like family before, during, and now after pregnancy.

Because of Dr. Meyer, my husband and I have a beautiful, healthy 31-weeker. She spent 52 days in the NICU before coming home. She was 4lbs 4oz at birth and is now 9lbs 4oz at 2 months old. She is thriving and we’re so thankful.” – Nichole R.⁠

💕 Stories like this keep our team prevailing to help families grow. Our team understands that pregnancy is not a walk in the park for everyone but we are here for our patients every step along the way! ⁠