Sixteen years ago, Dr. James O’Leary delivered a healthy baby girl. That baby grew and matured and eventually enrolled at Appleton East High School, where Dr. O’Leary was recently called to deliver again—this time, not a baby, but a presentation, to the Jobs in Healthcare class. It was a sweet reunion for the doctor and his once-tiny patient.

“It’s always fun for me to meet children I delivered, especially now that I’ve been doing this long enough that those babies are becoming adults and interested in following in my footsteps,” Dr. O’Leary said.

The class was invited to explore a “day in the life of Dr. O’Leary,” with hands-on activities and lessons meant to demonstrate what students could expect if they chose a career in the OB/GYN field. For example, Dr. O’Leary had the students use chopsticks to maneuver M&Ms, which simulated the use of laparoscopic instruments without the ability to move one’s wrist. Dr. O’Leary also had the students use spoons to simulate the wrist action involved in performing surgery with the da Vinci robot.

They also reviewed ultrasound images, asked probing questions about Dr. O’Leary’s daily work and enjoyed a few treats compliments of the doctor himself.

This visit to Appleton East is just one of many examples of Dr. O’Leary’s commitment to our community. For 50 years, the experts at Women’s Health Specialists have shared a passion for supporting local education and other family interests. It’s one of the reasons women throughout the Fox Valley trust Dr. O’Leary and his colleagues to fulfill their dreams of growing healthy families.

The feeling is mutual.

“I was so impressed by the dedication of the teachers and students at Appleton East High School,” he said. “I believe the next generation of Fox Cities citizens will be in good hands with these future health care providers.”