dr. honkamp neenah wiReceiving Christmas cards is a wonderful part of the season, and when our physicians receive cards from patients it warms their hearts in a special way during the holidays.  “It absolutely makes my day when I get a Christmas card from a patient with photos of their children,” says Dr. Jill Honkamp, physician with Women’s Health Specialists.  “Seeing pictures of the kids reminds me of the role I played in helping that particular family become the family they are, and it’s the most uplifting feeling to see their happiness and progress.  I can’t thank patients enough for taking the time to send me a Christmas card; it really means so much to me to be included in that gesture.”

The holiday season is a time when the Women’s Health Specialists physicians really reflect on the relationships they’ve built with patients and families in the community.  “Seeing someone’s face when you’ve just delivered their newborn is priceless, and it creates such a special bond,” remarked Dr. Honkamp.  “It’s why we really try to deliver our own patients if we can, whether we’re off that day or it’s the middle of the night, because that is the moment that the last nine months of care has been leading up to.  When you’re included in such a special time in someone’s life, you really grow to care for them as a person throughout the journey.”