Pregnancy can be overwhelming for women, especially for first time moms.  baby shower giftsA baby shower is a great way to help the mom-to-be feel more prepared to welcome her little one home – and the love and support from guests goes a long way!  We’ve asked staff and nurses around the Women’s Health Specialists office what they either surprisingly very much appreciated as gifts, or found on their own after baby’s arrival that was incredibly useful.  Here’s the baby shower gift ideas they came up with:

  1. Nosefrida.  In place of the nose suctions that have been around forever, moms are finding the Nosefrida to do a better job clearing out their baby’s nose and easier to sanitize between uses.  There’s a bit of a gross factor with this, but once you get past that it’s a very useful tool.
  2. Playmat.  A playmat is a gift that many first time moms won’t think to put on their baby registry, but is very handy to keep baby amused, work on motor skills and to work on tummy time.
  3. Nursing Cover.  If you know a woman that’s planning on breastfeeding, a nursing cover is ideal for when she’s out and about and the baby gets hungry.  And they fit well in the diaper bag!
  4. Boppy Pillow.  Speaking of shopping for a mom planning to nurse, a boppy will go a long way in making her comfortable at home during those frequent feedings.  Even for women who aren’t planning on nursing, a boppy pillow is a useful pillow to lay an infant in and help them sit up as they get older.
  5. Professional Newborn Photo Session.  This is a gift that a first time mom probably wouldn’t be expecting, but without a doubt would be very grateful for.  Look online for a local photographer with good reviews or ask friends if they have any recommendations.
  6. WubbaNub Pacifier.  Pair a pacifier with a snuggly soft stuffed animal and you’ll have an item some moms swear by for a fussy baby.
  7. Take Along Carrier Toy Bar.  This toy bar can go on a car seat carrier or stroller and helps keep baby entertained while running errands.
  8. Crunchy Soft Book.  These types of books are generally a hit with babies once they’re a couple months old.  And besides, it’s never to early to start reading to baby!
  9. SwaddleMe Blanket.  Swaddling a baby when it’s time for bed typically yields results because it feels similar to being in the womb.  But sometimes women have trouble swaddling with a regular blanket or it just makes them nervous to do if baby wriggles their way out.  These SwaddleMe blankets help keep a baby wrapped up and cozy.
  10. Plug-in Swing.  Baby swings typically get a lot of use as the motion often helps soothe babies.  The pro of a plug-in swing is that the gift recipient won’t have to worry about buying batteries down the road for the frequently used swing.
  11. Diaper Bag Dispenser.  There’s nothing worse than having to change a dirty diaper while out for a walk and having nowhere to throw away that smelly diaper.  These handy bags fit right in the diaper bag and are a great solution until you find a garbage for the diaper.


Women’s Health Specialists in no way benefited from suggesting the listed products and does not guarantee their performance.  The list is strictly for baby shower gift ideas.