Our Doctor-Nurse teams work with women to educate and empower them to make the best health decisions possible.
Our Doctor-Nurse teams work with women to educate and empower them to make the best health decisions possible.
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Author Archives: Women's Health Specialists

Symptoms and Treatment For Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pelvic support problems are typically encountered by women who have had children and elderly women.  Pelvic organ prolapse occurs in women when the muscles of their pelvic floor are no longer able to support the pelvic organs.  “Many women have some degree of pelvic organ prolapse,” says Dr. Tina Ramsey, OB/GYN with Women’s Health Specialists.  […]

A Look At The Dads In The Delivery Room

As an OB/GYN practice in the Fox Valley, we focus so heavily on women’s care topics and pregnancies, so with Father’s Day coming up we thought it’d be fun to take a look at the other person who is frequently in the delivery room – the father.  “I know exactly how nervous those dads are […]

Having A Successful Pregnancy Over Age 35

Women have been cautioned for years about their biological clock and the risks of pregnancy past age 35.  While women do need to be aware of certain factors, the fertility door by no means closes at age 35.  As shared in the article Getting Pregnant Past Age 35 – Steps To Take And Fertility Facts: “The […]

The Time Of Year For Reflection

Receiving Christmas cards is a wonderful part of the season, and when our physicians receive cards from patients it warms their hearts in a special way during the holidays.  “It absolutely makes my day when I get a Christmas card from a patient with photos of their children,” says Dr. Jill Honkamp, physician with Women’s […]

Dr. Acosta Announces Retirement

As 2017 will undoubtedly be a year of new beginnings and positivity, it also marks the time that we announce the retirement of Dr. Ernesto Acosta.  He has been a familiar, kind and knowledgeable asset not only to the Women’s Health Specialists practice, but to the Fox Valley community as well.  His expertise and balanced […]

Patient Privacy Services

Our pledge to protect your privacy Women’s Health Specialists values and is committed to protecting the privacy of health information we create or receive about you. Health information that identifies you (“protected health information,” or “health information”) includes your medical record and other information relating to your care or payment for care.

Twins At 25 Weeks

“When we knew the twins were going to be born, all I could think about were the numerous complications that could occur, if they survived, which wasn’t even a sure thing,” shared Dr. Amy Schmidt of Women’s Health Specialists when she learned her premature twins were on the way at just 25 weeks, despite attempts […]

Going Into Labor At 35 Weeks Pregnant

The March of Dimes organization defines premature as “preterm labor is labor that starts too early, before 37 weeks of pregnancy.”  With November being Prematurity Awareness Month, we thought it would be helpful to share patient stories of their premature birth experience, and what life is like today for their children.  Let’s start with Anna, […]

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